My Ambitionz Az A Writer

My Ambitionz Az A Writer

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My music is also on the major platforms! Search "12th Ave A.J"!

The majority of the music I create is made possible by the following:

First and foremost, Jesus of Nazareth; the real Jesus.  The only begotten Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Not the European guy in the pictures hanging in some places of worship (no disrespect to my European friends and family), not the black Jesus constructed by the Black Hebrew Israelites (no disrespect to my Black Hebrew Israelite friends and family), but rather the Hebrew Jesus; from the lineage of the real and historical King David, as promised in the scriptures.

Second, my wonderful wife and our pockets.

Third, generous people who believe in me, what I do, and desire to show their support.

Thank you.


Key Harris, Bettye Ann Harris-Lowery, Bettye Howey, Daisy James, Alexander James, The Benton Family, The Stafford Family, Bailey Gray, Jennifer Fournier, The Flowers Family, Mackie and Nancy Hale, The Hays Family, Brandon and Kristin Hartung, Henry and Elicia Smith, Jeremy and Jessica Flanagan...

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Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.” - Andrew Fletcher

— A Scottish Politician

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